Disk IMmersion UT (DIMUT)


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DIMUT is a six-axis computer controlled system designed for testing disk and rings. This system features the following

- Direct drive linear air-bearing motors for the X and Y axes.
- A stainless steel rack and pinion driven Z-axis
- Anti bump (TILT) switches
- Servo Motor for the R axis (turntable)
- Integrated lighting system
- Gimbal/Gimbal system

Brief Itemized Description:

1. Stainless steel frame and tank with manipulator. Scan range: 1400 mm long X 1200 mm wide X 900 mm deep including two polycarbonate windows.
2. 6-axis motor control system with zero EMI drivers for X, Y, Z R and remote control.
3. Turntable with servo motor and linear drive for zero EMI and maximum load 1200 kg.
4. Electric controlled self centering three jaw chuck with a diameter range 100-850 mm.
5. Water system, 2 X filter, pump, auto level, skimmer
6. Ultrasonic instrument (UPC 2100)
7. Data Acquisition/Evaluation software (XPscan)
8. Multizone software
9. Computer Industrial 19" Rack 3.2 GHz P4 24" LCD Monitor, A3 color printer
10. Installation/Training (40 H / 40 H)
11. Packing and shipping
12. Tools and Spare Parts

In June 2005, AIMS NDT went bankrupt. Overstocked NIPSCAN system was purchased together with ITI, TechnoLOTHgy and vAmsterdam SE. (More information on request).

Technical Information on the NIPSCAN will be posted soon.

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