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The EzEddy consists of a Stainless Steel structure that contains all the mechanical and electrical components, wiring and computer equipment. The color monitor, keyboard, mouse and color printer are located on a desk. A safety mat is positioned in front of the machine. The EzEddy is supported by four adjustable feet. The frame consists of a tower part and a lower frame. The tower part can be separated in the head and the column.

The head supports the Z-axis with a probe angulation unit. It contains the computer, motor drivers and Halogen work lights. The column houses the Power Cabinet and power supplies.

The lower frame supports a X-axis platform with a Granite turntable.

The granite turntable has a 3-9 spool adapter which is the further base for other fixtures. The parts are loaded at the left side of the machine and moved under the head for testing.

The Eddy Current instrument is positioned on top of the head.

Safety Features

The MAIN POWER SWITCH has a lockout tag possibility and is located on the right side of the tower. It shuts off the power to the EzEddy by disconnecting both the phase and neutral lines from the machine.

Two EMERGENCY OFF switches ( EMO) are located on the left and the right side of the tower head. A third switch is located in the yellow remote control joystick box.

TILT SWITCH sensors detect any side forces on the Z-axis. Tripping one or more of these three switches will de-energize the MAIN POWER RELAY and cause a complete shutdown of all axis. Pressing the “ON” push button will (re) energize the power relay. In most cases the machine has to be instructed to find its internal reference points.

The SAFETY MATT in front of the machine will stop any moving axis.

A RED and GREEN light indicate the status of the safety mat. The “MAT RESET” push button resets a trip situation.

The X- axis motor and motor driver are electrical and mechanical dimensioned such that the X-axis platform can apply a limited force not harmful to the operator. The X-axis movement will halt in case the operator is mechanical interfering with its movement, all movements of other axis will stop and the system will need to be reset from the STALL mode. (“S” in front of X-axis positional data display)

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