High-Speed Bolt Hole Scanner (EzSPIN)


We have implemented a High Speed Bolt Hole scanning tool to utilize the potential of your EzEddy and maximize your investment in EC equipment instrument.

The EzSpin is designed around a well known HF SR1scanner head from Rohmann.

The EzSpin gets uniformly attached to the Z-axis with a locating pin and a quick disconnect clamp.

The EzSpin is equipped with a new design motor. This motor will hold the selected rotational speed independent of the load. Torque limiting makes it impossible to overload the probe. It is also impossible to overload the motor itself. As it is a direct drive (no gearbox) design, regular lubrication or maintenance is not required.

The EzSpin is driven by the EzEddy electronics and is under complete computer control. As a result full C-scans of each hole can be made and the full abilities of the software can be utilized including the “Findplace” function. Not only does the “Findplace” function return the probe to the corresponding hole but also indicates by means of the probe coil where in the circumference inside the hole the indication is expected.

The Ultra Bright cool white LED light source aids the operator in the visual confirmation of an indication inside the hole. The operator can then decide to re-clean / polish the hole and repeat the measurement.

The EzEddy automatically recognizes the EzSpin upon its connection and launches the appropriate software.

The EzSpin interfaces with the Rohmann B1 V4 or Rohmann ??. These instruments communicate fully with the EzEddy computer and can be used for normal surface probe inspections as well.


Rotational Speed 0-1800 RPM

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