Plate IMmersion UT (PIMUT)


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The PIMUT is a test system for testing plates using 8-channel multiplexed real-time C-scan ultrasonic immersion technique.

This is a turnkey system including all hardware, data acquisition and control and evaluation software.


1. Stainless steel Immersion tank with integrated steel frame that carries a 3 axis (X, Y, Z), 8-channel independent air-operated surface following transducer system equipped with collision detection safety sensors.
2. Six underwater rollers to align different size plates with the X-axis.
3. High-Speed belt driven gantry system with TILT (anti bump) collision shutdown system.
4. X-axis over-travel hardware shutdown safety system.
5. Fourteen (14) stainless steel adjustable level feet.
6. External electrical cabinet complete with switches, power distribution, power supplies, motor amplifers, sensors and computer
7. Integrated Pneumatic oil-less compressor pre-regulated unit with air particle filter system and water / oil separator with automatic drain.
8. Integrated Water Treatment system with solenoid inlet valve and auto water level sensor, high pressure/high flow turbine pump, Pre Filter/strainer, course filter (30 uM) and Fine filter (3 uM) with Pressure gauge, Pump dry run protection.
9. High-resolution 24" Flat Screen LCD Monitor, Laser Color Printer, Keyboard, Mouse, Application cables and remote control.
10. XP Scan software approved by GE for control of the system, data acquisition, data evaluation and report generation.

11. The front panel operation of the electrical cabinet is equipped with: Main power switch with lockout provision, On/STBY illuminated pushbutton switches, water pump switch and water supply switch.
12. P-IV computer with 8-channel multiplexing USPC3100 ultrasonic instrument and optical DVD writer.
13. 8-channel ultrasonic pre-amplifier mounted on X-Axis bridge.
14. PIMUT System, electrical documentation and Maintenance manual.

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Technical Specifications:

Net Weight +/- 2500 kg. without water.
Max part weight +/- 2500 kg.
Gross weight +/- 5000 kg.
Dimension Floor Space Length x Width x Depth = 6000 x 3000 x 500 mm
Total Height 1200 MM Z-axis in highest position
Electrical, Voltage Consumption 1200 VAC. 50/60 Hz Single Phase, max 3 kVA, 40 Amp Peak
Pneumatics, Pressure min. 6 Bar
Consumption max. 300 l/min
Quality dried, un-lubricated and filtered compressed air
Ultrasonic Medium Water
Supply 3/4"
Drain 3"
Temperature 15-23 Degree Celsius

Specifications of Components to be inspected:

Plate Thickness min 10 mm. max 100 mm
Plate Length min 250 mm. max 4000 mm
Plate Width min 400 mm. max 2000 mm

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