20-40 dB / 40 Mhz Ultrasonic Pre-Amplifier


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This Pre-Amp can be used in case the signal to noise ratio is insufficient.

Our new Ultrasonic Pre ľAmplifier incorporates the latest technology current feedback operational amplifier.

A Pre-amp is useful when due to material attenuation a large gain is required. In that case the long coax cable between the transducer and instrument will pick up Electro Magnetic Interference.

For these applications this Pre-Amp can help minimize the noise because it can be placed close to the transducer and thus effectively shorten the sensitive part of the coax cable.


Gain 20-40 dB in 50 Ohm
Output Impedance 50 Ohm
Input Impedance 10 KOhm
Noise Equivalent to 100µV at input
Bandwidth 0-40 MHz (-3dB)
Output Voltage Swing +/- 2 Volt (4 Volt PP)
Power 6-10 Watts
Current Consumption 22-45 mAmp
Dimensions 128MM x 50MM x 25MM

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