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The company started as ZW-Art Engineering in 1996, a service oriented company for calibration and maintenance of the NIPSCAN immersion UT test equipment for rotating parts of Turbine engines in the USA. All the knowledge was available since I was the mechanical / electrical designer, and production manager of the NIPSCAN immersion inspection systems during my employment with NUCON.

Many systems were installed at a major aircraft engine manufacturing company in the US *. In Jay Schraan from Inspection Technologies Inc. (ITI) we found the perfect match for the customer contacts, marketing and sales. Our collaboration has been excellent for many years.

In 1996 our customers showed interest in retrofitting a TESTEC UT immersion tank. This tank has a lift platform and was originally custom designed for our customers. ZW-Art Engineering equipped the machine with a new Z-axis, gimbal, wiring, electronics, computer and motors. The software was by Robert Van Amsterdam, then working for AIMS.

The retrofit was designed and implemented in 5 months.

After that successful project our customers made a request for an automated Eddy Current Scanner. ZW-Art Engineering designed and manufactured the hardware, electronics and wiring in State College USA. The software was developed by Robert Van Amsterdam (currently at vAmsterdam SE). The machine named EzEddy is sold in collaboration with ITI to many customers. The EzEddy was also sold to AIMS for distribution at the European market. The EzEddy was designed and implemented in 6 months.

Currently 22 EzEddys have been sold world wide.

In 1998 our customers required a smaller version of the EzEddy (EzScan, partly using EzEddy hardware). It was developed for small airline companies and so far two were sold. The software was developed by Robert Van Amsterdam at AIMS. The production of the second unit was undertaken by a friend, Karel Loth at TechnoLothgy in The Netherlands.

In 2000 ZW-Art Engineering changed its name into ZW-Art Mechatronics Inc. based in State College, USA.

In 2004 ZW-Art Mechatronics Inc. decided to re-continue the development of automated UT scanning systems.

We have designed and implemented a bar immersion testing system, the BIMUT. This is a NIPSCAN style product, technically improved and multifunctionally designed for bars, plates and disks. In addition, we have developed a low-cost table top eddy current system, the TATEC. The software for both the systems have been developed by vAmsterdam SE.

In June 2005, AIMS NDT went bankrupt. Overstocked NIPSCAN and Dynascan system were purchased together with ITI, TechnoLothgy and vAmsterdam SE.

ZW-Art Mechatronics Inc. and vAmsterdam Software Engineering are dedicated to the design, engineering and manufacturing and maintenance of high tech automated inspection systems. We are there with the design but also with the maintenance so that the customer can be insured that they always have the best man on their job.

Every piece of equipment consisting of Robert's software and Johan's hardware since the first NIPSCAN in 1990 is still fully operational.

--Johan Zwart


* Name of company has been omitted at the customer's request.

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