Bar IMmersion UT (BIMUT)


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This 9 axis ( 6 computer simultaneous controlled / 3 manual ) system is designed to test ladder shafts and large diameter bars using ultrasonic refection C scanning method and is able to test the ladder shafts and bars less than 2500mm long and 600 MM diameter.

A drop-in turn table with remote controlled automatic three-jaw chuck is available for disk inspections.

A drop-in frame is available for plate inspections.

The system meets the mechanical GE specifications per MFQT 1137 and ultrasonic specifications P3TF22, P3TF35 and P3TF42, and is able to test the forging parts by multi-areas.

For the XP ultrasonic software acquisition / evaluation specification go to

General Specifications of the System:

Diameters: 20-600mm, and length within 2500mm

Max. Load: 1900kg

Inspection method: complete water immersion.

The tank is fully constructed out of Stainless Steel. It is supported by 6 stainless steel adjustable feet and rests on vibration damper pads.

Outside dimension of the system is 3500 MM long X 1200MM wide X 2000 MM height (Z-axis fully up). Inside dimension of the tank are 2900 MM X 750 MM X 800 MM deep (remaining water depth above 350 MM bar is 200 MM).

It is continuous duty, extremely operator friendly, high reliability and low maintenance.

Many mechanical and electrical safety features protect the part and equipment from accidental mishap.

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Computer / Motion control / Data acquisition

Advantech Latest Industrial P4 Computer
Motion Controller Galil
UT Data Acquisition Krautkramer USPC2100


18 months after delivery. (Maintenance Contract Required)

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Mechanical / Electrical specifications:

Rotation axis:

The two Rotators at one side of the tank are direct drive DC servo motors. This insures a balanced torque transfer to the shaft or bar.

A wheel on one end of the bar prevents axial movement of the bar.

A sensor provides the system with an accurate rotation pulse to insure a perfect C-scan. (Operator has to make marker on bar with a permanent marker or paint.)

The location of the and the height of the idler rotators is adjustable (this is the 8th axis and is manually controlled) so that it matches the length of the bar.

Max Load 2500 KG
Max RPS 1 RPS (250 mm/sec surface spd with 80MM. diam. bar)
Accuracy 0.05°
Parallelism with X-Axis 0.10MM / 0.25M
Resolution 0.01°
Repeatability 0.5° (with optional index sensor)
Max allowable un-roundness 0.1MM
Max allowable bend 0.2MM

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X, Y-Axis

The X,Y-axis are direct drive linear air bearings integrated but de-coupled from in the tank construction. The straightness off the bearings are not effected by the weight in the tank. The motors are protected against overload and are maintenance free. End of travel limit switches protect the hardware.

Travel Distance 2700 / 660 MM
Maximum Travel Velocity 150 MM/second
Straightness 0.10MM / 0.25M
Accuracy 0.02MM / 0.25M
Resolution 0.01MM
Backlash 0.05MM

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The Z-axis platform has also a kinematic construction for the Z-axis drive mechanism. This includes safety switches which are actuated if any lateral forces are exerted on the Z-axis. This proven safety system minimizes the chance of damage to the part or the equipment and is one of the reasons why our equipment is so reliable.

The Z-axis platform includes low voltage Halogen lights which illuminate the area which is tested.

Our proven Z-axis drive moves the Z-axis up and down by means of rack and pinion. The construction features zero backlash / maintenance free gear system. It is fully protected against overload. All bearings and drive mechanism are made of Stainless Steel or other corrosion free materials.

The Z-axis itself and the rack and pinion are made out of Stainless Steel.

Travel Distance 600 MM
Maximum Travel Velocity 75 MM/second
Straightness 0.10MM / 0.25M
Accuracy 0.02MM / 0.25M
Resolution 0.01MM
Backlash 0.05MM

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A / B-axis

The A / B-axis are stepper motor driven and features zero backlash harmonic drive construction.

Range A +/- 145°, B +/- 95°
Speed 15°/second
Accuracy 0.3°
Resolution 0.01°
Backlash 0.05°
Repeatability 0.05°

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Length and height adjustment of idler rotator ( manual)

The position of the Rotator idler lift bridge can be set in increments of 175 MM. The height is continious variable.

Wheel separator. ( manual)

The rotators can be separated to accommodate a large range of pipe or bar diameters.

Supported diameters from 20 MM to 600 MM.

Water System

The water treatment system is integrated in the tank. The tank has a skimmer for water surface dirt and a coarse ( 10uM) and fine (3uM) replaceble cartridge filters for general cleaning . A strainer protects the pump against large particels. Low water shutof prevents the pump from dry-run damage. Full port ball valves are used for drainage and isolation of the pump, stainer and cartridge filter so that the tank does not required to be emptied during maintenance on these parts.


All Motor drivers and tank (hardware) related power supplies are of Non Switching design (linear) to minimize interference with the Ultrasonic signal and Data acquisition system.

Power requirements. Single phase 110 Volts, 50 / 60 hertz, 20 Amp.

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